performer. composer. educator.


Ziza’s lessons are always structured around a particular individual and their natural abilities. Her students also follow the syllabi such as Trinity Guildhall and Trinity Rock School, and have been achieving high results over the years. 

Ziza is an accomplished piano player and often accompanies her students in their performances in and outside their schools, music festivals and exams.




Soon after the completion of her music degree Ziza started up her private School of Singing, which is successfully running up to date. Some of Ziza’s students are currently teaching themselves, under her supervision. Most  Ziza’s pupils are school children. 

Ziza has 32 years of performing experience and 17 years of teaching experience up to date. Her teaching strengths lie not only in her skills in the field of music and performance but also in her devoted patience and passion in developing the same qualities in others.

Some of Ziza’s private students have been training with her for twelve years. These students are involved in their own respective fields of work and studies, but also share the same passion for developing their skills in music.  

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